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Guarantees are made to be brokenup.

This seems to be the stance of 2006 World set of Poker champion Jamie Gold, who has been sued for half of his $12 million bucks.

Even though he admits to getting a verbal contract using Bruce Crispin Leyser to share his winnings, Gold seems to be backpedaling on particular aspects of it, but Leyser comes with a voice-mail tape of the promise SBOBET.

After Gold failed to instantly pay up, Leyser filed a litigation in Clark County District Court.

As per a frontpage vegas Sun article on Monday,” Gold filed a court brief a week detailing the side of this story.

The Hollywood talent agent, that copped the WSOP’s biggest jackpot ever while completely commanding the event, the contract was”nothing more than the guarantee to create something special,” a position Leyser’s lawyer referred to as”absurd.”

The matter boils down to if the verbal contract will be binding.

Leyser,” who has been described as a television creation officer, asserts Gold had an contract using by the online casino decided to cover Gold’s $10,000 WSOP entrance commission when he found stars to have on clothes featuring BoDog’s emblem throughout the championship.

The lawsuit claims Leyser assisted him discover the actors in return pledged to”talk” his chair along with any winnings.

Gold currently claims the Costa Rican-based Internet casino paid out because of his seat because of his prior triumph in successful earlier tournaments also his contract required simply he wear the provider’s logo and be involved in press activities.

Gold asserts he maintained progressing in the WSOP,” Leyser and his wife began”badgering” him continually, causing him to leave a voice email on the championship’s final day verifying his promise to share half of the winnings, after taxation.

Gold now claims he only planned to donate Leyser, that portrayed burdened with financial issues,”some” income and not literally half his earnings.

She’s likely to issue a last judgment sometime a calendar month.


The Bears have come down, while the Colts have gone up.

Even the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday took down its proposition on whether Chicago goes this season immediately after the Bears had been surprised by the Miami Dolphins, ironically the last team to go more than three decades ago.

The moment underdog Indianapolis defeated New England Sunday night time to run its record to 8-0, the same brace to the Colts was posted on SuperBook boards, asking if Indy would go 16-0.

“indeed” started at 6/1 and”No more” in 1/7.


The Hilton’s latest superbowl chances have the AFC favored by 3 1/2 details and the whole collection at 48 1/2.

Superbowl XLI is going to likely be played Feb. 4, 2007, at Miami.


The entire parking lot at Las Vegas’ Thomas & Mack heart can be as good a sign as any that college basketball is underway, though the full-court media will arrive with all the Thanksgiving holidays.

Caesars Palace currently lists Florida and vermont as 9/2 co-favorites to gain against the national championship next spring.

You will find Kansas at 5/1, Ohio State in 7/1 and UConn at 10/1.

The Gators took the title to Tallahassee earlier this past year.


The episode will be held Nov. 14-16 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Hundreds of new gambling products are all likely to debut at G2E, offering attendees a glimpse in the long term.

Three new pavilions — leisure technology, leisure and event creation and hospitality will undoubtedly be welcomed into the trade show floor.

Prove organizers declare with an increasing amount of customers going to casinos for a overall entertainment experience, spectacular displays, great leisure and impeccable support are getting to be crucial to this gambling business.

“They want to get entertained and feel rested, and also increased competition indicates operators need to be innovative to acquire their own customers’ business and loyalty.”